Assessment Management System: Why Do You Need It?

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 ‘Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It’s just about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life’  –Shakunthala Devi

Whether you learn or teach, assessing where you or your student stands are an integral part of every learning process. This is usually done through tests and traditionally tests are either verbal or written. Written tests are more popular due to their convenience.

When technology intervenes, we expect a better way, which in the case of assessments is by means of Assessment Management Systems

Let’s delve deeper…

What is Assessment Management System?

Assessment Management System is basically technology leveraged to assess what your child has learned, through different types of questions such as ‘Fill in the blanks, Multiple Choice Questions, Match the list, Yes or No questions’, etc…

It incorporates personalized adaptive testing modules that run in a systematic and continuous mode to get best results.


Different Types of Assessment Questions

Question types include

1) Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ’s)

  • With a single answer
  • With multiple answers
  • True/False

2) Match the following

3) Fill in the blanks

  • Short answers

4) Order the following

5) All these assessment questions have pre-defined answers

As these questions have fixed responses, automatic validation is possible

Now that you have a general idea about the technology, let’s see what it’s benefits are….

Benefits of Assessment Management System

  • Teachers can check students ‘understanding level after teaching a topic
  • Teachers can provide proper guidance after assessing the tests
  • Students can attend self- assessment to analyze their level of understanding
  • Peer assessment can be done for students to analyze the portions to be flipped and the ones to be learned thoroughly.

Why do you need an Assessment Management System?

  • Highly interactive Online Exam Result Accessibility

assessment management system

The online assessment exam can be easily accessed, even from home anytime. So, as a teacher, you can spend more time to teach the topic rather than for tests.

  • A Great Solution for Busy Class Schedules

assessment management system

The teaching process is completed only when you conduct a test to know how much he/she has learned. When you struggle to complete the syllabus before the exam, it would be really difficult for you to conduct class tests or exams.

The online Assessment Management System will be a helping hand for you, as you can teach the portions in school and the students can have their tests at home.

  • Assess Student Learning Process Systematically and Monitor the progress to give them Real-Time Guidance

assessment management system

Soon after the student gives an exam, the student, parents, and teachers will be notified with the results, with which the students can evaluate themselves and the teachers and parents can track the progress.

  • Provides Instant Feedback to Students, based on Different Parameters

assessment management system

When a student takes an exam, he/she will be shown results within a span of 5-10 seconds, with which they can analyze the portion they are weak in and spend more time accordingly.

User Roles of Assessment Management System

Parents, teachers, and the students are directly or indirectly involved in this learning process. Let’s go through it in detail:

(1) User Role of Parents

    • Check kid’s progress even via a smartphone
    • Real-time access to test results
    • Can view the questions and the answers marked by your kid
    • Individual results can be viewed in the case of two kids
    • Everything will be notified either through push messages or emails.

(2) User Role of Teachers

    • Check the students who appeared a particular exam
    • Can give high-quality corrective instructions
    • Can access a graphical representation of individual results to track learning outcome
    • Change test questions easily
    • Can send personal feedback as inbox messages


(3) User Role of Students (the group to benefit the most)

    • Can bring learning to their respective homes easily
    • Can have an easier self-evaluation with test results
    • Will get an idea of the portions to be focused more
    • Manage time to study and prepare schedules
    • Can attempt and re-attempt tests

In short, the Student Assessment System, allows teachers to upload, track and analyze the understandings of a student about a particular topic, which will help busy parents to keep track of learning outcomes and students to self-evaluate and thereby analyze what they have learned.


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